Mommy and Me stories

Parenting is hard. Being a physician parent has additional special challenges. Currently, with everything changing daily as a result of the #COVID19 pandemic, things are extra hard.

A few weeks ago, the silly drawings I made for my wife Flora (@PediDocFlora) and son Noah, in my attempt at a children’s book “My Mommy is a Doctor Superhero!,” caught the attention of other parents in medicine who have struggled with balancing family life and a hospital schedule. The supportive comments on Twitter were very touching. I really appreciated Stanford Medicine’s Scope Blog sharing our story. Thanks to Susan Coppa for writing the piece.

More recently I’ve drawn a second story about my son and his experience with my wife being on call in the hospital. In the book “Mommy and I are On Call!” I share drawings of how we try to make fun of the long hours that in-house call can mean. This was of course before visitor restrictions. Now he just has to put up with Daddy all day… poor kid :).

You can download a pdf of both stories for free here. I appreciate people sharing it.
My Mommy is a Doctor Superhero
Mommy and I are On Call Today

I did have several people ask if the story will be available for purchase in printed form. I have decided to share the books further by making them available as print on demand through Amazon.

My Mommy is a Doctor Superhero can be found here:
Mommy and I are On Call Today can be found here:

“My Mommy is a Superhero”

Our little boy is now 7 months old. It all feels like a blur. I drew/wrote the following story on the first day that my wife had to return to her duties as Chief Resident, 6 weeks after giving birth to our baby. We knew it would be a hard day. We didn’t realize just how hard it would be. We were both emotional.

Returning to work and leaving baby at home is hard. Unfortunately it can be more difficult when in medicine. My wife will start her fellowship this July, and I know that means busy days and long hours. She is nothing short of amazing when it comes to being a wife, mom, and a doctor. I hope this book will bring her, and our boy, some comfort. I am sharing it thinking maybe it’ll help other wonderful physician moms out there.