Mommy and Me stories

Parenting is hard. Being a physician parent has additional special challenges. Currently, with everything changing daily as a result of the #COVID19 pandemic, things are extra hard.

A few weeks ago, the silly drawings I made for my wife Flora (@PediDocFlora) and son Noah, in my attempt at a children’s book “My Mommy is a Doctor Superhero!,” caught the attention of other parents in medicine who have struggled with balancing family life and a hospital schedule. The supportive comments on Twitter were very touching. I really appreciated Stanford Medicine’s Scope Blog sharing our story. Thanks to Susan Coppa for writing the piece.

More recently I’ve drawn a second story about my son and his experience with my wife being on call in the hospital. In the book “Mommy and I are On Call!” I share drawings of how we try to make fun of the long hours that in-house call can mean. This was of course before visitor restrictions. Now he just has to put up with Daddy all day… poor kid :).

You can download a pdf of both stories for free here. I appreciate people sharing it.
My Mommy is a Doctor Superhero
Mommy and I are On Call Today

I did have several people ask if the story will be available for purchase in printed form. I have decided to share the books further by making them available as print on demand through Amazon.

My Mommy is a Doctor Superhero can be found here:
Mommy and I are On Call Today can be found here: